Methods of Using Cannabis and Different Marijuana Types in Bradenton



INHILATION: Onset 1-2 minutes; Last 3-4 hours

Smoking - Can Not Recommend in FL at this Time

Vaporizer - Smokeless; healthier for your lungs and one of the most popular marijuana types in Bradenton

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SUBLINGUAL: Onset 5-15minutes; Last 3-4 hours

  • Med strips or Liquid Extract in alcohol, oil or glycerin
  • Used under the tounge: Start with few drops or small piece until dosage is know



INGESTION: Onset 1-2 hours; Last 6-8 hours

  • Cookies, brownies, candy tea and variety of other ingestible are available
  • More difficult to dose so begin with SMALL amount
  • Thought to be more potent and to be a stronger sedative